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To shoot at a USPSA match you only need to bring a pistol, three magazines, a holster and two mag carriers, along with some ammo. Race equipment is allowed in certain USPSA divisions, but you compete against people in your division, so Production shooters shoot against other Production shooters, etc.

There are five divisions in USPSA, below is a brief outline of each one, more information on USPSA and it's rules can be found at the USPSA Web Site.

Open Limited Limited 10 Production Revolver
Open division is for "race" guns with optics, compensators, very high capacity magazines, etc. Nearly everything used in this division is specialist equipment Limited division is still predominantly competition guns and equipment, but some stock guns are also used. Modifications are allowed, but must be a production gun. Limited 10 is similar to Limited apart from no more than 10 rounds may be loaded in a magazine. Modifications are allowed, but must be a production gun. Production division is primarily for those people using stock production guns with few, if any, modifications. Must be double action, no single action pistols. Revolver division is purely for revolver shooters with a six round maximum. Very limited modifications are allowed and must be production gun.

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