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To shoot at an IDPA match you only need to bring a pistol, three magazines, a holster and two mag carriers, along with some ammo and concealment clothing, either a shirt or photographers vest. Race equipment is not allowed in IDPA, including such items as ported barrels, speed holsters, weighted base pads, etc. Basically, if you would not carry an item, then the odds are that it is not allowed in IDPA.

There are four divisions in IDPA, below is a brief outline of each one, more information on IDPA and it's rules can be found at the IDPA Web Site.

Stock Service Pistol
Enhanced Service Pistol
Custom Defensive Pistol
Stock Service Revolver
Popular "stock" Double Action & Safe Action factory service pistols such as the Glock, Beretta, S&W, Ruger, Browning and Sig. Popular Single Action 9mm/.38 Super/.40 service pistols such as the Browning HP, CZ-75, EAA Witness and 1911 pattern pistols. Be a Semi-Auto and a .45ACP. There are many out-of-the-box Semi Auto's style pistols that can be used competitively in this division with little or no custom work. Popular service revolvers. Common proven service revolvers such as the Smith & Wesson Model 66, 686 or Ruger GP-100.

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