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To shoot at an ICORE match you need to bring a revolver of .32 magnum caliber or greater, a holster which covers the trigger guard, moon clip or speed loader holders, and ammo. We recommend that you have at least five speed loaders and holders or five moon clip holders that are worn on your gun belt.

Many semi auto shooters also shoot at our ICORE matches, as the courses of fire are challenging and very good practice. Semi auto shooters are scored seperately, but are welcome at our ICORE matches.

There are two divisions in ICORE, below is a brief outline of each one, more information on ICORE and it's rules can be found at the ICORE Web Site.

Open Limited
Open division is for revolvers with optics, compensators or ports, a rib sight, a front sight that extends beyond the muzzle, any non-standard barrel, weights, etc. Limited division is for all other revolvers not in "open". All other modifications are allowed.

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