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» 75% of shots must be within 15 yds or less, occasional shots out to 35 yards are encouraged
» Strong hand only shots - 10 yards maximum
» Weak hand only shots - 7 yards maximum
» Head shots - 10 yards maximum

Limited Vickers must be used when a target is engaged in two or more strings. Limited Vickers should only be used on standard exercises, not scenario stages. Therefore, no target should be re-engaged in multiple strings on a scenario stage and Limited Vickers should not be used on scenario stages.

Course Design
» Course should be designed to reflect real life scenarios
» No more than one no shoot target should be used for every three shoot targets
» At least 5% of shots in a match must be while on the move
» Vision barriers should be used to encourage movement, rather than specifying shooting positions
» No more than 10 yards distance between shooting positions

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