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To shoot at a USPSA 3 GUN match you need to bring a pistol, rifle, a shotgun and ancilliary equipment. You will need a holster and mag carriers for your pistol, along with shot shell carriers and a rifle magazine carrier.

The AR-15 is the most common rifle used, but many just about every other type of rifle is also used. You will see just about every type of shotgun at a 3 GUN match. As the equipment varies so much in USPSA 3 GUN, it is advisable to come along to a match and see what everyone else is using. If you bring your pistol and equipment, there will be someone at the match who will lend you what you need for the shotgun and rifle stages.

There are two divisions in USPSA 3 GUN, below is a brief outline of each one, more information on USPSA and it's rules can be found at the USPSA Web Site.

Open Limited
Open division is for "open" pistols and rifles with optics, large muzzle brakes, shotguns with compensators and 10+1 capacity, etc. Nearly everything used in this division is specialist equipment. If any firearm used is Open, then you will be scored as open for the complete match. Limited division is for "standard" equipment, any pistol that is not in "open", a rifle with iron sights, a shotgun with max capacity of 8+1. Generally the division for most stock firearms. All firearms used must be Limited, otherwise you will be scored as Open for the complete match.

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